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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tomopop Writings for the Past Two Weeks

I have been rather busy lately, which isn't much different than normal, but in this instance I lost a weekend of computer time due to a required camping trip to Prineville. That's all taken care of and I'm back to the horrifying world that is my life, so I might as well get caught up linking through the the various Tomopop articles I wrote these past two weeks. All of those after the jump!
Sideshow Collectibles is one of those companies I have a love/hate relationship with, all because of how much pretty much everything in their store costs. They were showing off pre-orders for a new Iron Man bust, with a shiny finish and light-up eyes and everything, but it is so crazy expensive that I can't even look at it without becoming broke. The write-up for that is here.

Not to go a week without Futurama and specifically Dr. Zoidberg in my life, I dove at the chance to say something, anything really, about Dr. Spudberg, a custom Mr. Potato Head from mrtruffle. It's simple and a bit crude, but I like it. Write-up is here.

What would it look like if Iron Man was mashed into an action figure but didn't look quite right? Well you might just have a bootleg figure called Steel Warrior. However, if you're Mike "NEMO" Mendez, then your immediate response will be to buy up a handful and give them custom paint jobs, then sell them for quite the markup. Take that bootleggers...I think! Write-up is here.

Link is my best friend and now custom figure creator BDCdiesel is my best friend, too. Why? Well because he was kind enough to make one hell of a custom Link action figure. But he refuses to share it with me for some odd reason. How sad. Write-up is here.

Shifting video game gears a bit, the Gallery 1988's Video Game Art Show gave us a ton of cool creations, with one standing out to me (or at least I got to it before anyone else) in a custom Pac-Man piece by valleyDweller. Go check it out and tell me it doesn't look cool. Write-up is here.

Deadpool is great. Squirrels are also great. Squirrelpool? Yeah, that's probably one of the greatest things ever. Did you get to Gentle Giant's shop and get yourself entered into the running for a Squirrelpool statue? I certainly hope you did! Write-up is here.

More custom figures, this one from Katosuki. What did he put together? Why, an American Panther figure, of course! It's Black Panther mashed up with Captain America, so two of my favorite characters turned into one of my favorite things (an action figure). How can you go wrong? Answer: You can't. Write-up is here.

Just today I got around to posting a snazzy new classic Spider-Man statuette from Dark Horse that goes a long way to remind us of the wonders of nostalgia. And thankfully, it's not overly expensive, which is a huge plus. Check that write-up out right here.

And finally, I took over the reins for Show & Tell last Friday, deciding to focus on some action figures I had of The Cowboys of Moo Mesa. Do you remember that show or these toys? Maybe there's a reason for that. The write-up and video is here.

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