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Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Right Answer and Drinking Games for Thursday, September 22nd

Hey everyone, we're here again on a Thursday and the anticipation is high to see who won last week's debate between Goku and Firelord Ozai. We had a HUGE turnout of responses, and while it was close...well you'll just have to watch and see who came out on the worst...strange yes but oh well.

Also in the episode, a new debate! Actually, that's the majority of the episode, so don't feel like you've been cheated or anything! It's Superman: Red Son against Kingdom Come in a battle to decide which gets turned into a movie first. First being the key here as both need to become movies some day. Go watch the episode here.

And of course it just wouldn't be a Thursday with Drinking Games forcing us to think ahead to Fridays. It's not like we all live in college towns where Thirsty Thursdays are in effect! Regardless, it's time for old school Mario Party on the N64, so head here and enjoy!

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