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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Armchair Thinkers Episode 25 Is Live!

So it takes a while for Armchair Thinkers episodes to get made and then even longer for them to finally go live. None of this is my fault I might add. Kyle and I only get a chance to match open times in our schedules maybe but once a month, time that is typically spent ripping through a podcast episode if we can. However, once I send the edited episode off to our guy to post, it may take a week, two weeks, or even over a month at times before everything works and it goes up.

Thankfully we're not pitifully outdated with today's topic, which is George Lucas and why he's bothering us again. Plus, we debrief from PAX 2011 at last. Go give it a listen and enjoy! You can find the new episode here.

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