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About Me

I'm a writer and producer of a number of things, such as...

Some of you may know me from The Escapist where I do both No Right Answer every Thursday, as well as Media Sandwich every other Wednesday. We also did Drinking Games a while back.

I used to contribute weekly to Tomopop as an Associate Editor.

Also used to be the Head Writer/Editor of a small toy and video game site called Toy-TMA.

My best friend Kyle and I did a sporadically released podcast called Armchair Thinkers, though finding it anymore may be problematic as the old site is pretty well gone. I'm looking into places to repost them.

And I have a bunch of scripts and other personal writing pieces up on my Wordpress site called Eclipse Star.

Beyond that, I'm married, have a cat, my wife has a dog that I allow to live with us, and I work whatever jobs are kind enough to hire me.

And I never have free time.

You can follow me on Twitter at @Chris_ToyTma or send me an email at