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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tomocast Episode 30: Toy Story!

Last week was a busy week for a lot of reasons, so of course I added a handful of Tomopop articles to my plate, as well as an episode of the Tomocast. Pedro, who is truly the man by the way, put up episode 30 of the Tomocast, which finally has our group of myself, Rio McCarthy, Kristina Pino, and Pedro the Man doing commentary on Toy Story, a movie that needs no introduction. You can listen in here.

And in case you were wondering what I've been writing over at Tomopop that's so very important here's the rundown:

The Marvel Select line of action figures showed off their Colossus figure, a character I absolutely love. You've got all the right pieces here like a bunch of articulation, the right costume, and even an accessory that's a chunk of the Danger Room. I'm all for this, even if we may have covered it before. Regardless, the write up is here.

I have a soft spot for anything related to Futurama, so when Deviant Artist artanis-one went ahead and created a handful of Planet Express' crew in realistic statue forms, I was overly happy. Write up for that is here.

It can be really hard for me to sort through tips since there's usually a flood of things that reference Munnies, Dunnies, Qee, and other such base model toys that people then use to make awesome customs. Very rarely does one come around that I want to talk about, but Gabriel Carpio, also a Deviant Artist, succeeded in getting my attention with a whole collection of customs with a kabuki aesthetic. The full write up is here.

Lastly, Kirby is one of those characters I can't help but love. I dare any of you to say you actually hate the little puffball, even if you don't usually find yourself playing bright and colorful games where tomatoes heal your healthbar and lollipops make you invincible (or invencible in some cases). How can I say no to plush Kirby keychains then? I can't. The write up for that is here.

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