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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crimson Alliance and Kirby's Return to Dream Land PAX Impressions

Now that I'm back from PAX Prime 2011, things should be slowing down. Should. Turns out I'm busier than ever with writing about to be spread over four different places. Today the first few PAX impressions articles went up, with Crimson Alliance and Kirby's Return to Dream Land making their way over to The Escapist, both games I was pleasantly surprised with. More on those after the jump!

Crimson Alliance is an XBLA title that reminds me a bit too much of Gauntlet Legends but still does a good job of making me enjoy myself. However, the selling point is the sales model which has a reduced price to those who only ever plan to use one of the three classes. A la cart is definitely a plan I can get behind, so I'm glad at least someone's giving it a try. The full write-up for Crimson Alliance can be found here.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land is about the best damned Kirby game we could have hoped for, following up the already amazing Kirby's Epic Yarn. Returned is Kirby's ability to inhale and copy enemies, as well as the four-player co-op last seen from New Super Mario Bros Wii. People complain on and on about how Nintendo has zero big games coming this year beyond Skyward Sword, but this is a definite false claim. Kirby's Return to Dream Land is now a title I seriously want, and even better, a title my wife has given the okay for purchase. And does anyone know that it comes out in late October? Nope, hardly anyone. Such a shame. The full write-up is here.

That's all that will be on The Escapist, but come back tomorrow for more game demo impressions. I've got a handful!

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